Asset Management Exhibits


Extended Use Period (EUP) Forms


Qualified Contract Process (QCP) Forms


Property Management Forms




HUD Forms

HUD 2530 Previous Participation Survey

HUD 27061-H, Race-Ethnicity Data

HUD 935-2A AFHMP (Multifamily)

HUD 935-2B AFHMP (Single Family)

HUD 9834 Revised

HUD 9834 Addendum B Part A

HUD Exhibit 3-4 & 3-7: Please see HUD Handbook 4350.3, change 4, Revision 1 at .Sample forms can be found in the handbook.

HUD Exhibit 3-5: Declaration Format Form

HUD Exhibit 3-6: Verification Consent Form

HUD 5380 Notice of Occupancy Rights Under VAWA

HUD-5381 Model Emergency Transfer Plan

HUD 5382 Certification of Domestic Violence

HUD 5383 Emergency Transfer Request

-HUD Occupancy Handbook HUD Handbook   4350.3:

-HUD Uniform Physical Condition Standards Training, click here: