Section 3 Program


Developments awarded federal funds such as HOME, National Housing Trust Fund and Risk Share in the amount of $200,000.00 or more are subject to 24 CFR Part 75 which govern the application of the Section 3 Act (“Section 3”). The funding threshold for Section 3 is determined at the Development Level. When the Section 3 threshold is met, all contractors and subcontractors providing labor on the development are subject to the Section 3 requirements. If the Section 3 threshold has been met, each Owner/Developer and General Contractor must submit a Section 3 Plan, and each Subcontractor who is awarded a contract must submit a Section 3 Plan. Each Contractor/Subcontractor will track their employees labor hours, submit a report quarterly and a report at the completion of construction.


Section 3 Documents


How to get Certified

If you are a resident or a business, and you think you are eligible for Section 3 preference in hiring or training opportunities, you may contact us for additional information regarding the certification process. Eligibility for preference in hiring or training is based on household income, and not on ethnicity or gender. Certification as Section 3 eligible is not a guarantee of employment or a contract.

There are several agencies that will certify a business to be Section 3 eligible. Each agency may have different criteria for the certification process. If you are interested in becoming Section 3 certified, please contact any of the following:

  • Kansas City

        City of Kansas City, Human Relations Department at 816.513.1836

        Full Employment Council at 816.471.2330

  • St. Louis

        St. Louis Housing Authority at 314.531.4770


Additional Section 3 Information and Training Opportunities

Kansas City

St. Louis