Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA)

The following information will aid owners/agents in submitting a request for contract renewal, amend rents (funding renewal) or rent adjustment. The instructions in the Section 8 Renewal Guide also should be used in preparing the necessary paperwork.

PBCA Contact: (click here)

PBCA Forms and Resources

  • Section (8) Renewal Policy Guide
  • Contract Renewal Processing Instruction
  • Chapter 7 of HUD 4350.1 Processing Budget Rent Increases
  • Contract Renewal Request Form
  • Option 1, Mu2M Initial Eligibility Worksheet
  • Renewal Letter
  • Non-Renewal Letter
  • Section 8 HAP Assignment & Modification Sample
  • 2013 OCAF Workbook
  • 30 Day Notice to Residents of Intention to Submit a Rent Increase
  • Budget Worksheet HUD 92547-A
  • Attachment 5 Preparing a Budget Rent Increase
  • AAF Rent Increase Worksheet
  • Special Rent Increase HUD 9833-B
  • Utility Allowance Worksheet
  • Mark-Up-To-Market Workbook
  • HUD Notice H 2002-10 AAF Rent Increase Guidance
  • Rent Schedule HUD 92458
  • MOR Notice