FY2023/2024 Application Forms and Checklist

Checklist Items

1. Flash Drive

2. Application 
Release note: The FIN-100 is only compatible with Microsoft Windows Excel version 2003, 2007 and 2010. Macintosh versions of Excel will not work. Please read the release notes before continuing.

3. Application Fee

4. Project Description

5. Site Review Information

6. Applicant Site Control

7. Market Study

8. Preliminary Financing Commitments

9. Site Control

10. Public Official Contact Verification and Other Support Letters

11. Statutorily Required Documentation

12. Housing Priority Documentation

 13. Zoning Letter

14. Architectural Items

15. Sustainable Housing Items
16. MBE/WBE Participation Initiative

17. Relocation

18. Homeownership Plan

19. PHA Approved Utility Allowance

20. Developer and Key Principal Information

21. Management Company (must be MHDC re-approved)

Request for Waiver of Application Requirements