Management and Occupancy Reviews (MOR)

The purpose of a Management and Occupancy Review is to verify compliance of the property with the terms of the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract, Regulatory Agreement, Management Agreement and Management Plan which is conducted on an annual basis. Owner compliance will also be verified regarding civil rights regulations, including Title VI, Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

An on-site Management and Occupancy Review is scheduled with the owner/agent at least two weeks in advance of the review. The owner/agent is responsible for providing proper notice to residents advising them that their unit may be chosen for inspection.

Before the actual inspection, compliance will be reviewed to determine property status by referring to the latest REAC inspection and note any exigent health and safety concerns sited. Review any MIO Plan or Plan of Correction, prior Comprehensive Management Review, complaints from residents, congressional inquiries and media reports to verify all concerns were responded to in a timely manner. Any contractual violations and imposed sanctions will also be reviewed.


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