Resident Relations

Toll Free Resident Relations Line (For Tenants Only): 1-866-605-7467

Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) expects owners and their management to build effective resident/management relations. Owners/management agents are expected to recognize legitimate resident organizations that meet regularly, operate democratically, and are representative of all residents in the community. The participation and cooperation of residents is important in creating a suitable living environment and can contribute to the successful operation of quality housing communities. For example, resident involvement can help maintain the physical condition of the property, ensure proper maintenance, improve security, contribute to improvements in energy efficiency, and control operating costs. MHDC staff expect owners/agents to respond to valid resident/resident organization requests concerning conditions or quality of life issues within the community and to resolve all significant or recurring problems.

MHDC is responsible for ensuring the owner/management agent responds to concerns in a timely manner. Resident inquiries received from other agencies, on-site reviews, or sent directly to MHDC will be addressed by MHDC staff. If the owner/agent does not respond to resident concerns, MHDC will follow-up by phone, letter, on-site reviews, resident interviews, or any other action necessary to gather relevant information needed to assess the situation. After gathering information, MHDC staff will take appropriate action to ensure the problems are identified and addressed by owner/management.