FY2021 Materials for all Competitive and Non-competitive Programs

Checklist Items

1. Flash Drive

2. Application 
Release note: the FIN-100 is only compatible with Microsoft Windows Excel version 2003, 2007 and 2010. Macintosh versions of Excel will not work. Please read the release notes before continuing.

     ▪ FIN-100 Application
     ▪ FIN-100 Addendum
     ▪ FIN-101 - Identity of Parties
     ▪ Developer / Co-Developer / Consultant Fee Structure Addendum
     ▪ Application Self-Scoring Form
     ▪ Alternate FIN-100 Addendum

3. Application Fee

4. a) Project Description
    b) Economic Development Documents

5. Site Review Information

     ▪ Environmental Review Guidelines Form 1400

6. Applicant Site Control
     ▪ Application Site Control Memorandum
     ▪ Scattered Site Addendum

7. Market Study
     ▪ Market Study
     ▪ Cost Burden Rental Household Data
     ▪ Underserved County Listing
     ▪ Income Averaging Certification

8. Preliminary Financing Commitments

     ▪ Guidelines for Preliminary Financing Commitments
     ▪ Request for Participation Loan
     ▪ Request for Fund Balance, National Housing Trust Funds (NHTF), HOME or HOME/CHDO funds
     ▪ Loan Term Worksheet
     ▪ Loan Participation Agreement
     ▪ Financing Fee Addendum
     ▪ Credit Efficiency Requirements

9. Site Control
     ▪ FIN-305 Seller Certification

     ▪ Application Site Control Memorandum (see number 6 above)

10. Public Official Contact Verification and Other Support Letters

11. Statutorily Required Documentation
     ▪ IRS Form 8821 Tax Information Authorization
     ▪ Missouri Form 8821 Authorization to Release Confidential Information
     ▪ FIN-109 Legal Employment Practices Certification
     ▪ Non-Debarment Certificate

12. Housing Priority Documentation
      a) Non-Profit Questionnaire
      b) Non-Profit CHDO Questionnaire
      c) CHDO Recertification Form R-100

      a) CHDO Reference Materials
      b) Special Needs Marketing Plan
      c) IEH Supplemental Questionnaire
      d) SNH-103 Sources and Uses Budget
      e) Income During Construction Worksheet

13. Zoning Letter
     ▪ Sample Zoning Letter

14. Architectural Items
     ▪ Development Characteristics Worksheet

     ▪ Design/Construction Compliance Guidelines Form 1200
     ▪ Physical Needs Assessment Guidelines

15. Sustainable Housing Items
 Note: required for new construction, optional for rehabilitation

16. MBE/WBE Participation Initiative
     ▪ MBE/WBE Utilization Plan Outline
     ▪ MBE/WBE Fee Structure Addendum

17. Relocation
      ▪ Acceptance of MHDC Relocation Policy: Application Stage

     ▪ MHDC Relocation Guide / GIN

18. Homeownership Plan

      ▪ MHDC Homeownership Policy

19. PHA Approved Utility Allowance

20. Developer and Key Principal Information
     ▪ FIN-105 Experience Summary
     ▪ FIN-107 Developer Qualifications

21. Management Company (must be MHDC preapproved)
     ▪ FIN-105 Experience Summary

Request for Waiver of Application Requirement