CARES Act, Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG-CV)

On March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law. The act provides additional ESG funding intended to prepare for, prevent and respond to COVID-19. MHDC is no longer accepting applications for ESG-CV funding.

Please visit the MHDC NOFA Page for ESG-CV NOFA, Allocation Plan, and funding Approvals.


CARES Act Emergency Solutions Grant Overview 


ESG-CV Update Q&A Part Two Slides

ESG-CV Finance Training

ESG-CV Finance Training Slides

ESG-CV Q&A Session Recording April 27,  2021

ESG-CV Funding Agency Training

ESG-CV Funded Agency Training Slides

Funded Organizations and Applicants

ESG-CV Desk Guide


ESG-CV Notice Summary

ESG Regulations

Grant Administration Forms

MHDC-100 Direct Deposit Forms

MHDC-101 Authorized Signature Card

MHDC-113 Street Outreach Engagement Tracking Form

CV-200 Program Guidelines Certification

CV-212 Expense Detail Form

ESG-214 Certificate of Continuing Capital Expenditure Compliance

CV-215 Temporary Emergency Shelter Status Verification

Client File Forms

MHDC-103 Self-Declaration of Income Form

MHDC-112 Income Verification Worksheet

MHDC-114 Consent and Homeless Certification

CV-201 Income Eligibility Worksheet

ESG-205 Habitability Standards – Emergency Shelter

ESG-205 Habitability Standards – Permanent Housing

CV-206 Rent Reasonableness

ESG-207 Lead Screening Worksheet

ESG-208 Property Owner Lead Certification Form

CV-209 Recertification Form

CV-218 Vaccine Incentives Form

HUD ESG-CV Income Limits 

Documents and Templates

Homelessness Prevention Standards

Rapid Rehousing Standards

Street Outreach Standards

Sample Emergency Shelter Standards

VAWA Lease Addendum