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  Homeownership & Home Repair First-time homebuyers and veterans


> Cash Assistance Loan


bulletHelps enable first-time homebuyers in need of down payment and closing cost assistance.


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CAL details:


bullet Qualified first-time homebuyers are eligible to receive a forgivable second mortgage of 4 percent of the loan amount to be used for down payment and closing costs. The second mortgage will be forgiven if the borrower stays in the home/loan for ten years.  The second mortgage will diminish after year five by 1/60 every month until year 10 when it will be completely forgiven.
bulletNo junk fees are allowed.  The lender may charge standard closing costs.





Purchase Price Limits

Type of Home

Non-Target Area

Target Area*

Single family home






Note:  These limits are subject to change in accordance with regulations.

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Income Limits


Income Limits

Cash Assistance Loan Program

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Additional Income Guideline Information

The total gross annual household income for all borrowers and spouses who will be living in the home must be within the limits established for household income.

Total gross annual household income is calculated using all sources of income including, but not limited to, wages, overtime, bonuses, child support, alimony, commissions and earnings from a second job, business and investments.



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